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I Wanna be in the Parade
Sonic Uke

    MIB Fred He thinks he can be in the parade.
    MIB Joey He'll never be in the parade !         [Ukulele Freaks]
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Hot Dogs, Hot Dogs,

F             G         C
Hot Dogs with relish or sauerkraut,

F             G           C
Hot Dogs with ketchup and mustard,

      F       G    C      
Its a sausage on a bun.

I'm a Hot Dog Boy,

  F            G      C
A simple Coney Island Hot Dog boy,

            F              G            C
I'm selling wieners by the score on the boardwalk,

   F          G    C
So why should I complain ?

          F        G      C
Because I wanna be in the parade,

      F        G      C
Yes I wanna be in the parade,

      F        G       C
Coney Island's Mermaid Parade.
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Sonic Uke is a New York-based ukulele duo. Check out our photos, chord charts and free mp3s here.

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