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The Ramones

They always played me down like I was some helpless lunatic [but]... none of them can stand on their own two feet artistically. [Dee Dee Ramone]
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Hear Sonic Uke play Questioningly (1.5Mb)

D                 G
Questioningly her eyes looked at me

And then she spoke

D                    G 
Aren't you someone I used to Know

    Bm                  A
And weren't we lovers a long time ago ?

Looked at her close

Forced her into view

Yes, I said, you're a girl

     G Bm            A
That I once may have knew

    G                D
But I don't love you anymore

G                  D
Why do you want to talk to me for ?

G                        D
You should have just let me walk by

G        Bm      A       D
Memories make us cry

In the morning, I'm at work at time

D                        G   Bm    A
My boss he tells me that I'm doing fine

G              D
When I'm going home

G              D
Whiskey bottle movie on T.V

G        D
Memories make me cry 

    G             Bm
And I'm alone just me

     A               D
Just me, Questioningly ...

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Sonic Uke is a New York-based ukulele duo. Check out our photos, chord charts and free mp3s here.

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