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The Ballad of Ranger Quinn
Sonic Uke

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          Em                  A
There's a beach I know called Gunnison,

Em                   A
Not far from where I live.

    Em                       A
Its run by the National Park Service

      C         G      A
And a man named Ranger Quinn

      C     G         A
Who's got a very nice grin.

Beneath his shades.

Now Steve and Ted and Rich and Joe,
And lets not forget Lewis or Paul.
And Hazel when she's able,
If she's not at the Gathering again.
Quinn watches over these men
Their guardian angels, often.
Beneath his shades.

       Em                     Bm7
Riding high in the cab of his four wheel truck

    Em                     Bm7
His word is the law of the land

        Em                        Bm7
I've no doubt that the gun in his holster clip

   A                       B
Is loaded for crims on the lam

But now the summer's nearly over
Gay days at the beach soon must end
Your time in the sun is now over
To winter you must amend
Go home my friends
But I'll see you next year again
Beneath my shades.

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Sonic Uke is a New York-based ukulele duo. Check out our photos, chord charts and free mp3s here.

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