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Murray Space Shoe
Sonic Uke

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C                           G  
Sitting on the steps of the Space Shoe house

F                     G               C
   West 10th Street,     New York New York

G              F
   This home of countless dreams
and get rich schemes.

C             G                F
  Tonight the sidewalk's kinda slow
         G               C
The President was on the TV show

Signs say Beware

   F               G
No Standing in the Fire Zone

F                   G
  But the boys down Julius way
      C        Cmaj7  Am  
Would like for you to know

            F                  G                 C
Today's the day their rent was due and could you pay.

C        G                   F
         Sitting here on the steps,
            G                 C
The Gypsies trade in fortunes told,

And psychic dreams explained,

    F                     G
For those who feel life's preordained.

    C                  G
The freak walks by and says 'Hello'.

    F                   G
The one armed man's got nothing to show,

       C               G            
But he'll take a chance on tomorrow's unknown.

   F        G
Maritzio is on the phone.

F               G
 And the city's bravest men,
    C       Cmaj7    Am
Are rolling up their door,

          F                  G                     C
Because tonight could be the night they take their call.

    C                  G
Mrs Murray stops by, I don't know why,

    F                 G
The mafia guy put the drug in her ear.

         C                       G 
Then the sex-crazed Bergenschaffe criminals appeared,

           F               G
With their satellite radio listening machines.

C                  G
    But we're just sitting here,
F                          G                 C
Waiting for the Space Shoe craft to take us away.

G              F              G

F                G
Yeah we're still sitting here,

C       Cmaj7   Am             F 
Waiting for the day the Murray Space Shoe craft
     G                 C
Will come and take us away.

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Sonic Uke is a New York-based ukulele duo. Check out our photos, chord charts and free mp3s here.

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