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Tiny Bubbles (Ukuleles of Love)
Sonic Uke

Hear Sonic Uke play Tiny Bubbles (0.8Mb)
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     F             Bb          Eb               Ab
In a disillusioned state I was walking home one day,

   F        Bb           Eb          Ab
My dead-end life was all work and no play,

              F            Bb          Eb          Ab
When from the corner of my eye someone beckoned to me,

         F        Bb                 Eb          Ab
He said "Play the Ukulele and you'll see the new way"

Bb        F           C
You'll be filled with love,

Bb       F    C
From the sky above.

Bb F        C
Ukuleles of love,

Bb               F    C
Raining from the sky above.

Tiny bubbles filled the spaces in my head,
I was happy I was glad that I'd got out of bed.
The music took control of me, I threw away my threads,
If you wanna join the party, Just Say Yes !

You'll be filled with love,
From the sky above.
Ukuleles of love,
Raining from the sky above.

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Sonic Uke is a New York-based ukulele duo. Check out our photos, chord charts and free mp3s here.

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