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Shabby Road Session   
An afternoon visiting with Roger at Shabby Road Studio.

Ukuleles of Love   (1.2Mb)   download
Murray Spaceshoe   (2.1Mb)   download
Mermaids   (2.7Mb)   download
Four Strings Or Fight   (1.5Mb)   download
Ukulele Freaks   
Sonic Uke stars in this short film, the World's First Ukulele Musical. Listen to songs from the film, or visit for video clips and more...

Ukulele Freaks   (0.8Mb)   download
The Gift   (1.5Mb)   download
Tiny Bubbles Music Video   (2.2Mb)   download
Early recordings with DAY-Z   (details)
Early recordings with the late great Donna Lee.

Wind Cries Mary   (2.9Mb)   download
Afterhours   (1.5Mb)   download
Wind Cries Mary (live)   (1.4Mb)   download

Live at CBGBs
Joy Rider benefit, our tribute to Donna...

Big Takeover   (1.4Mb)   download
Dan Savage Blues   (1.0Mb)   download

Wind Cries Mary   
Recorded at Murray Spaceshoe with Howie Leifer on concertina and Marlon Cherry on percussion.

Wind Cries Mary   (5.8Mb)   download
Real Estate in Florida   (details)
We learnt this one over Thanksgiving laying in the sun at Haulover Beach, Miami.

Real Estate in Florida   (2.8Mb)   download

Sonic Uke is a New York-based ukulele duo. Check out our photos, chord charts and free mp3s here.

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